Inspiration Awards Ghana is an award and fundraiser that honors the lives of Ghanaians changing Ghana and developing the country! It is also a fundraiser to support our organization's work and programmes!

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES YOUTH DAY  March 23, 2018, ACCRA GHANA - A day set aside to encourage and inspire Ghanaian youth.  To remind them of their worth, to introduce them to the leader in them as well as to the leaders, role models and mentors around them.

On this day all performances are by Ghanaian youth, most speeches are by Ghanaian Youth and then they are introduced to successful Ghanaian Role Models, people whose life tells others that they are capable too.  Stay tuned, we'll be sharing pictures and inspiration with you.

On this day we will be distributing backpacks filled with school supplies to kids who need it the most, to encourage them to stay in school and to not be afraid, we will be giving them confidence and Hope




THE INSPIRATION AWARDS - GHANA  March 31st, 2018  Alisa Hotel  Accra Ghana

The inspiration Awards is an awards ceremony that honors the lives and works of Ghanaian and friends of Ghana.  it is also a fundraiser for our charity Endless Possibilities and Hope Development Organization a Canadian and Ghanaian charitable Organization dedicated to raising funds to support our works.

Why do we celebrate good people and works?  Positive Community stories serve as a roadmap for all, for people who need encouragement or for those need inspiration, they serve as guidelines for our lives, so as we share the positive stories of our recipients we hope to inspire and encourage all of the humanity

We look forward to inspiring you on the 31st of March at the Alisa Hotel, for more information about our organization as well as our founder, please visit and



We are creating a fun and fantastic evening to relax, network and fundraise to support the work of Endless Possibilities.  Over the past few years, we have touched the lives of children through our reading clubs, scholarship and girls programme.  We have seen the children get excited about reading, returning several times to borrow books.  We want to do more, to change the story of hopelessness to hopefulness.  

Stay tuned we'll bring you more information soon.  Stay blessed!



 WOMEN'S COURAGE AWARDS - Toronto Ontario, September 22nd, 2018

The Sheraton Hotel welcomes us back for the 13th Annual Women's Courage Awards/ fundraiser, the sound of laughter, the joy of inspirational fundraisers, the dancing and winning prizes, that is what categorizes the Women's Courage Awards.  Make sure we see you there1


WOMEN'S COURAGE CENTRES:  Anna's hope is to build centers all over the world particularly in 3rd world countries where women are abused more than is reported.  The Women's centers are to serve as a place of rest for women to find their voice once again and to be given skills they need to lead better lives

Want to make a difference but don't know where to start from? Give us a shout and we'll work with you on this journey of making a difference!





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03.11 | 16:40

My pleasure to meet you Anna and thank you very much for the invitation to your 26th of October party and meet beautiful people from your community. You're a woman with wonderful purposes, you're a great woman. Yelena Tupikova

09.06 | 18:54

Quite an impressive photo album. Kudos to you!

09.06 | 18:18

Endless Possibilities! Reaching your highest potential!

22.01 | 05:59

Wising you the best

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