May the words that come out of my mouth be an inspiraton to you! Stay blessed! Be Encuraged! Be Inspired!


There's  a power force in the universe ready to work with us on our hearts desires whether positive or negative, There is a powerforce ready to empower you to get to your highest level, have you tuned in? Are you ready? Anna Aidoo From my heart to yours


The many pitfalls and trials of life have a way of leading you to a peaceful and humble place, a place where you become human with compassion and grace!  May your trials bring you to that place of peace where you can say "It Is Well"  Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


Grace, Grace should be worn with such class that even the storms of life seem to be part of the outfit!  Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo


Make it a point to pay attention to the  YIN AND YANG of your life.  That means pay attention to the positive voice and the negative voice, The positive will bring you to your full potential, the negative will bring you to a sorrow point that tells you life is not worth living (lies), understand that and do something!  Keep moving in the positive direction! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!  Anna Aidoo


In everything you do, you must let your life's work speak for itself! There are a few people whose life I admire Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana and a few more. At the time of their death people spoke about their positive contribution to humanity and their impact, not about their wealth! Inspiration Indeed! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


Authentic living means effortlessly working from who you are, what you have and what you know from the from the bottom of your heart and soul!  that means when your soul says you will succeed you will succeed, when your soul says its going to be alright, its going to be alright, when your soul shouts FEAR NOT, you fear not, you live bold, you live fearless you live AUTHENTICALLY!  Womens Courage Conference! Womens Courage Centre! Womens Courage Awards! Womens COurage Group!  Be Encouraged!  Be Inspired!


How are you looking at life lately? Are you looking at it from everything that is going wrong or most of the things that are going right. When we wake up each morning it is our choice to acknowledge our blessings and therefore have energy for the day or focus on the negative and let it dampen our spirits. I prefer the first option.

Understanding that life is life, and that good exists is critical to our well being. Don't buy into the negative report that is fed to us everyday, acknowledge each person and situation according to what is presented to you, then press on, press on, for the ultimate goal of being your best! Life cannot deny you your best if you work at it! I'm a witness! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! #womenscourageawardsinternational!




 For lack of knowledge my people perish!  AS u go about in life learn something everyday, be hungry for self improvement, do not leave your success in the hands of another, let everyone one and everything that dissapoints you be a lesson, be grateful that you have been rejected, and turned down and ignored now turn to your COURAGE and make a path!  Each and every successful person you see once stood where you are! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!

Every once in a while in our lives we must achieve something positive that was or is beyond our wildest beliefs, something that surprises the silent voice within us and says I am fearless and I am bold and daring! Try it you will be surprised! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


I read somewhere that if your journey to make the world a better place is smooth ,and you don't make enemies, and you don't feel disappointed or discouraged sometimes, then there is a problem!

 ON your journey know that you will encounter hostile, unhappy, unsatisfied, disspointed people and situations, never! and I repeat never! let such people or circumstances deter you from moving forward with the desires of your heart, especially if the desire is authentic and genuine, always remember that you cannot please everyone, and that, is perfectly okay!

It is a necessity that you stand tall and keep pressing forward for the ultimate goal, only the best awaits you!! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!

Come find your COURAGE to face life at the Women's Courage Awards, it will be worth your while!

It is a must that you do not keep negative company! Company whose stories weigh you down and draw you into dark places, there should be no place for that! Move towards the light, for as you seek light and a good purpose you will see that t...he world is a beautiful place and the journey is then illuminated! LIfe is meant to be lived, not endured! Purposely dwell in light! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo

 It is imperative to stay the cause! THE GOOD CAUSE! You will be misunderstood, you will be laughed at! You will be sabotagged! You will feel fear in the pit of your stomach, your throat and in your mind! But stay THE GOOD CAUSE!  and then one day when you thought you've taken all you can take the cause is revealed not only to you but to humanity, the world. Everyone, even those who laughed, and said it was impossible and turned you down will become beneficiaries of your hardwork! And you, you'll just be grateful for your contribution to this world we call HOME!
Definitely Be Encouraged! Be Inspired




 Be very patient with your hopes and dreams but do not loose sight of them! Work towards them on a daily basis one baby step at a time, but work towards it! Ask for help at least one a day, don't be afraid to hear no, ask everyday! And one day when you thought you couldn't take it anymore all the days, weeks, months and years you put in will come calling, saying "IT IS TIME" Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!



Dreams! Dreams are like a child waiting to be born and nurtured, and believed in, and assured, and encouraged until it blooms! It takes time, it takes patience, it takes  endurance, it takes dissapointments, it takes tears and it takes triumphant moments,  Have you thought about giving birth to your dream? I hope you have and I hope you do! be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo




For every hurt you feel, for every shame you endure, for every moment you felt used, worthless and looked down on, your very best is waiting to come out! Just look within and Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Good Night! Anna Aidoo


Do you know it when you are blessed? It is not about money, or fame, or clout, but about a core feeling of contentment in everything you do and say! Yea that's what blessed Is! Don't even get it wrong! Be en-COURAGE-d Be Inspired! Stay peaceful! Anna Aidoo

Ever thought about thanking God for all the difficulties, dissapointments stresses and srife that you've endured? I do, cause by the Grace of God I am wiser, closer to him, stading on solid ground in him and Knowing that the best is yet to come!
For I know the plans I have for you! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo

My heart and soul have been singing this song since morning, I think they my heart and soul understand that we are on a journey to make a difference inspite of all the difficulties, what about you? Are your heart and Soul in tune with your journey? Smile anyway, and Be en-COURAGE-ed! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo


Have you looked at the Fortune in your MisFortune? Have you Made Lemons out of Lemonade Lately? Have you researched all your rejects? Start now and you'll discover your ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo


When you use your life for a purpose higher than yourself, somethiing meaningful that benefits humanity, humanity will respond positively, I am a witness to that. Thanks to all of you who have liked our page and have responded to the call of violence against humanity! It must stop cruelty must stop! Kindness must prevail we can each play a role! I am humbled, please keep recommending and liking because it let's me know that we are making a difference! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!  Anna Aidoo


Whatever you do, don't get caught up in self pity, depression, sadness and confusion. Focus on the positive things and people around you, surround yourself with people who understand that progress is a necessary part of life, standing still can be boring and unecessary, get involved in good programmes, have a plan to uplift yourself, be honest with everyone you deal with, a fake approach to life will only make you loose good people! Have a happy New Year! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! LIve Hopefully and Peacefully


LIfe is an ongoing process, don't spend time crying on what could have been, build on what you are capable of, strengthen the mind, be bold! be strong! for the Lord your God is with you! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!  Anna Aidoo


Have you looked at the Fortune in your MisFortune? Have you Made Lemons out of Lemonade Lately? Have you researched all your rejects? Start now and you'll discover your ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!  Anna Aidoo


This is my prayer to each and everyone of us! May the Good Lord go ahead of us and make our paths straight, may he bind all evil forces that come against us, may he open doors on our behalf and most of all may he bless us that we may be a blessing onto others! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo

 The vision, put it in writing, visualize it, take one step at a time, pray over it, meditate on it, block all negative and unecessary chatter, turn it over to God, he never lies, he will not fail. Believe, have faith, be persistent through thick and thin, You'll see, God will make a way! Believe that! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!  Anna Aidoo

  Have you visalized where you want to see yourself tomorrow? Focus on it, Don't Loose sight of it, stay connected to your cause, keep seeking people to work with, make room for dissapointments! overcome dissapointments! and that vision you envisioned will become your reality! Its all up to you! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


Renew your dreams, don't let circumstances drown out the hope you once had, refuse to believe that its all bad news, keep reaching for a better tomorrow, a brighter day and a victorius ending, the journey will be so much better, get addicted to hope! Anna Aidoo

 Stay, Stay, stay on the positive and enlightening path, don't worry if you are not understood, have the courage, have the faith, know that your life as difficult as it is can make a change and an impact! Stay, Stay, Stay on the positive and enlightening path! Be Encouraged! be Inspired! Anna Aidoo


Today I encourage you to find joy in simple things, simple things like walking, like the birds chirping in the morning, like the smell of coffee, like the laughter of children, like eating ice cream, like laughter even if it is not yours, make it a point on this day to not be swallowed by lifes hardships but to live spiritually free until tomorrow comes, then repeat the same thing! Yea do that! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Anna Aidoo


 When you are feeling discouraged, tempted to give up remember this, Every success that you have experienced was a result of hardwork, determination and focus, remember the source of that success, remember how the victory felt and refuse to accept defeat and weakness! Success is still around the corner waiting for you to pick up "That's Your Price" Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!



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My pleasure to meet you Anna and thank you very much for the invitation to your 26th of October party and meet beautiful people from your community. You're a woman with wonderful purposes, you're a great woman. Yelena Tupikova

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Quite an impressive photo album. Kudos to you!

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Endless Possibilities! Reaching your highest potential!

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Wising you the best

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